Non-Fiction: The Healing Power of Hugs

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Healing Power of Hugs

Sometimes, all it takes is a squeeze to heal the heart, mind, and soul.

I love hugs.

No, actually, I need hugs. Daily. Desperately.

I can’t get enough.

This isn’t abnormal. It’s actually been proven that we need to psychically touch other people in order to survive. Without that connection to others, our brains literally shut down.

For me, hugs have always been a severe source of security and comfort. When I’m going through something stressful, my first instinct is to reach out to someone I love for a hug. I once drove all night to Dallas just to receive a hug from my best friend!

But hugs have also been a source of discomfort for me and many people around me. Neil Strauss put it perfectly: “We’re so sexually screwed up and repressed that we get uncomfortable when anyone tries to touch us.”

But what is sexual about a hug?

I used to shy away from hugs because I was afraid of what that embrace would imply. Other people may also shy away from hugs out of fear of connecting or being close with another person. They may feel vulnerable, and sometimes there is nothing scarier than vulnerability in a society that values independence and self-sufficiency.

But sometimes, there is nothing more beautiful or more necessary than being vulnerable and willing to admit that we don’t have it all handled or figured out. Sometimes, what we need the most is to know that we aren’t alone, that the battle we’re fighting does not have to be fought alone.

And a hug can provide that knowledge without using words.

“Love heals. Heals and liberates.” 

Honest words from Maya Angelou that apply to hugs too.

Hugs heal. Heal and liberate. Which may or may not have to do with the fact that a good hug is given and received with love, but still. Hugs are important, and you can only benefit from them.


who have you hugged today?

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