Non-Fiction: What Does It Take To Be a Father?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Does It Take To Be a Father?

Father’s Day.

It’s a whole day to thank, cherish, and spend time with the man who raised us. Or not. Unfortunately, not every man has been able to step up to the plate (and for the record, I’m not talking about the men who physically couldn’t).

I know we’ve reached a point in reproductive science where it’s theoretically possible for children to be born to single mothers who are perfectly happy and capable of taking on the task of parenting on their own. Women have always taken most (if not all) the responsibility of raising children, but that doesn’t mean the role of a father is any less significant. No matter who takes on the responsibility, we all need a father figure in our lives, and it doesn’t take shared DNA or a constant presence to get one. 

But it does take the following:

A father is someone who understands life in a way that is helpful for you. A father is the person you turn to when you need advice on the hard stuff life throws at you, the person who will listen to you with patience and sympathy, and the one who typically knows the right thing to say.

Your father is the person who will teach you how to treat others. He will always follow the Golden Rule, and treat people the way he expects to be treated. Respect is a lesson he won’t have to tell you. It’s one you will observe in his behavior.

A father is someone who will take his time with you. He will make time to spend with you, even when he’s incredibly busy, and he will wait for you to catch up if you’re ever moving too slowly.

Your father is the man who will give his all for you. He will be there in a crisis, and he will help you put together the pieces of your life no matter how long it takes. He will go to the moon and back for you if that’s what it takes to see you happy, healthy, and living fully.

There’s a difference between a father and a sperm donor, and the latter doesn’t always come from a fertility clinic nor does the former always come from a stable home/marriage. A father is someone you can count on, look up to, and learn from.

So even if you don’t think you have a father in your life to celebrate this Father’s Day, think again. He may not be able to give you a blood transfusion, but he can give you something more.

A father.

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