The 5 Things We Should Thank Our Girl Friends For

Friday, June 27, 2014

The 5 Important Things We Learn from Our Girl Friends
There are some lessons that only girl friends can provide.

  1. Empathy
It’s inevitable that girls are naturally better at expressing empathy than guys. It might be society (which condemns boys for acknowledging and expressing feelings), or it might be a woman’s natural tendency to feel with others (I mean, she does give birth to another life), but whatever the reason, empathy is a powerful trait that we all value in our girlfriends. While certain emotions aren’t necessarily healthy to share, we all feel them and sometimes it’s nice to know we have someone who has the ability to feel right along with us.

2. Strength

Our girlfriends have busy lives. They juggle work, family, friends, school, cooking, cleaning, shopping…the list could go on forever. Everyday they face more things than is possible to keep track of. But they do. And sure, they might break down every once in a while, but what is every once in a while compared to every day? The guys may have the muscles (at least most of the time), but it’s our girlfriends who have the strength.

3. Confidence

Our girlfriends are the people we are most ourselves around. They know our dreams, our fears, how often we poop, and when we’re eating too much…or too little. If they had to, they could write our biography, and they wouldn’t miss a single detail. They know that not everything about us is impressively beautiful, but they love us anyway, and by doing so they teach us to love ourselves too.

4. Humility

When a girlfriend accomplishes something major, you’ll never hear her brag about how awesome she is. Instead, you’ll hear her brag about how awesome the accomplishment is, and expressing lots of gratitude for all the people (or traits) that led to the accomplishment. A girlfriend knows that the right attitude accomplishes a lot more than a sense of entitlement.

5. Compassion

Your girlfriends are the people who will go above-and-beyond to see you smile. They’ll remember the little details, bring you chocolate, and burn you cds of your favorite music. They’ll never miss a birthday or other important holiday, and they’ll be there for you with smiles and hugs when you need them most. Your girlfriends have a heart full of tender love and care just for you.

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