5 Easy Ways to Be More Charitable

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Easy Ways To Be More Charitable 
You don’t have to make a huge time commitment to help those in need.

  1. Buy an extra meal at the drive thru, and give it to the first homeless person you see on the street.
My grandmother used to do this. She would take us all to McDonalds when we were kids and buy an extra happy meal. There was always a homeless man sitting on the streetlight corner by the shopping center, and she would hand him the extra happy meal while we were stopped at the light. It’s a simple way to take care of someone in need.

2. Give love to the dogs at the local shelter.
This is a win-win. You get to play, hug and love on the cutest (or not so cute) dogs in the shelter without any commitment to buying, and they get the love, care, time, and interaction of another person. 

3. Babysit close friends/relatives kids for free.
And by this I mean get the kids out of the house while the parents are still at home. For parents, home is often not the safe, quiet, peaceful retreat once kids come into the picture. Parenting is a full-time job. So give the new parents you care about a little break in their own home and take the kids out for ice cream or to the park or somewhere other than home for a few hours.

4. Pick up trash (litter) when you see it.
Especially if it’s recyclable. The nearest trash can/ recycle bin usually isn’t too far away.

5. Always, always tip high. And extra.

Wait staff slaves all day to give you the greatest food service experience that they probably don’t get to enjoy often themselves. Also, their minimum wage is drastically less than the average minimum wage. Wait staff literally makes most of their money through tips, so if you aren’t tipping well, they aren’t making much. And as hard as they work, they deserve much more. Always tip high when you go out to eat (typically that means nothing below $5).

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