5 Lessons I Learned From Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Things I Learned From Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
There’s much to learn from an intense show about sex crimes.

I fell in love with this show before I even understood what sex was, let alone a sex crime. It was a family activity. We would all gather around the television in the living room to watch our favorite cast of detectives solve the most heinous of crimes. Detective Olivia Benson was my superhero, and like most heroic examples in media, I learned quite a bit from watching my superhero in action. These are the top five lessons I’ve learned from another one of my favorite shows.

  1. Girls can be superheroes!
Detective’s Stabler and Tutuola may be the ones better known for their brutality toward criminals, but Olivia could kick some serious bad guy butt too. She could find her way out of any tricky situation, and she even went undercover to beat the bad guys from the inside! She possesses an incredible power that has saved many innocent lives.

2. And girls can also be villains.
Unfortunately, there are some girls out there who are just as guilty as the boys when it comes to committing sexual crimes. There are also some girls who play the victim in order to get their way or simply to get revenge. It seems as many girls there are saving the world, there are just as many contributing to it’s destruction.

3. It’s never the victim’s fault.
Rape is rape. No matter what the girl was wearing, no matter what drugs were in her system, and no matter how well she knew the guy. No matter what the circumstances are, it’s never the victim’s fault. If you try to say otherwise, beware: Benson will have your head.

4. The justice system is faulty.
Criminals get off the hook on a tiny technicality, way too much pressure is placed on the police department, and if the victims are still alive, even more terrifying pressure is placed on the victims to testify and provide evidence. There’s no guarantee that justice will be served deservingly  or even mildly appropriately. And that’s terribly disheartening.

5. The secret ingredient to success is perseverance.
It’s too easy to give up when things start to look hopeless, but if the detectives in SVU took the easy route every time things got tough, they’d never solve any cases. Success happens when you keep on pushing through the dark times, when you keep listening to your gut instinct instead of the voices telling you it’s an impossible task, when you persevere instead of giving up. Perseverance will accomplish anything.

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