5 Reasons to Forgive Hobby Lobby

Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Reasons to Forgive Hobby Lobby
Yes, their refusal to cover women’s sexual health care if offensive, but here’s why we should cut the company some slack.

  1. Religious Beliefs
The company is closed on Sunday’s for crissakes. They are so obviously dedicated to their religion that they are willing to sacrifice a day of profit for it. And who are we to tell them their dedication to their beliefs is wrong?

2. Working there is a choice.
Yes, I understand that for some people, Hobby Lobby might be the only place in which they can get a job to pay their bills, and in that case, I’m sorry you have to work for a company whose beliefs don’t coincide with yours. But for the rest of us who can choose whether or not we want to work there or say the plethora of stores around it (because really where is there a Hobby Lobby that isn’t located within a shopping center?), if you’re bothered by their health care plan, DON’T WORK THERE.

3. If it was true discrimination, it would be illegal.
It’s not like the company is discriminating against women. It’s just refusing to provide monetary support for something they don’t believe in. And yes, of course women’s sexual health care is important, but is it really fair to ask a company to pay for it when it goes against their beliefs? You wouldn’t put money toward the things you don’t believe in. Why should they?

4. Other health care options are available.
It’s certainly more convenient to get health coverage from the company you’re working for, but no health insurance is perfect. It wouldn’t be too difficult to receive health care coverage from an insurance plan that is less offensive and takes care of your needs without judgement.

5. Only four kinds of contraceptives were refused.

Birth control is still covered. Abortion, the “morning after pill”, and two kinds of IUD’s (a very expensive procedure that prevents conception for as long as 10 years in some cases) are the only things the company is refusing to pay for. You can still take the Pill, get tested for STD’s, and other sexual health procedures, and have it covered by the insurance plan. It’s the more drastic kinds of contraceptives that Hobby Lobby, understandably considering their religious beliefs, refused to cover. And can we really blame them?

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