5 Reasons to Smile at a Stranger

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 Reasons to Smile at a Stranger
Share a smile today. :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  1. It’s good for you.
Smiling releases all those feel-good chemicals into your brain which boosts your mood which, of course, boosts your productivity. When you’re happy, you get more accomplished. So smile. Because even if you’re not happy when you force the smile onto your face, the use of your facial muscles will eventually turn that forced smile into a real one.

2. It may be the only smile they receive that day.
You don’t know what that stranger is going through. They may have just received really terrible news. Or maybe they’re just having a really terrible day. A smile from you, someone they don’t even know, could be the single positive event of their whole day. So smile because you never know if it will brighten a stranger’s day or not.

3. It could lead to a new friend.
That smile could turn into a conversation which could lead you to making a brand new friend. You can never have too many of those, right? Smile, and see what happens!

4. If the smile is returned, it increases your feelings of connection and social satisfaction.
We humans are social creatures. We need to interact with others to survive. And sometimes that interaction can be as simple as having a friendly smile returned. Even if no actual words are spoken, even if no conversation stems from that brief shared smile, you’ll still reap the benefits of connection and your feelings of social satisfaction will still see an increase.

5. The world needs more smiles.
Okay, this is my way of saying I don’t really have a fifth logical reason to smile at a stranger, but it’s true: the world needs more smiles. So smile! :D

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