5 Things To Thank Our Dude Friends For

Friday, July 18, 2014

5 Things To Thank Our Dude Friends For
Because there are some things our dude friends provide better than our girl friends.

I love my girl friends and all they bring to my life, but there are some things I rely more heavily on my dude friends for. At this time in my life in particular, with my girl friends keeping busy in various places over the summer, I find myself spending more time with my dude friends. These are the top five things I’ve felt grateful for during my time with them. 

  1. Childhood fun.
Your dude friends are always down for a water balloon fight, a game of flashlight tag that leaves you covered in mud, and other active, crazy, dirty fun that you could never get enough of when you were children.

2. Dude advice.
Your girl friends may try to help you out with this one, but sometimes the only person who can help you dissect the meaning of what the dude you’re currently interested in said to you is another dude.

3. Chivalry.
Our dude friends open the doors for us, pay for our meals and movie tickets, and will even pick us up if we need a ride. They know our parents and are incredibly respectful of them. We may not date them, but they certainly set the bar high for whomever we do want to date.

4. Protection.
We don’t need a dude to protect us, of course, but let’s be honest and admit that sometimes it’s nice to have someone else in charge of killing all the spiders, threatening to beat up the dude who broke your heart, and stepping between you and the creep who is trying to sexually harass you in public.

5. Confidence.
Since dudes aren’t typically held to the same impossible standard as girls, they usually possess a confidence that is contagious. They don’t care whether they look like a complete mess, and they don’t notice if you do too. They encourage you to stick up for yourself, and to stop worrying so much what other people think. It’s your life, dude. Live it.

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