5 Ways To Be (and stay) More Organized

Thursday, July 10, 2014

5 Ways to Be (and stay) More Organized
Yes, it’s true a cluttered life may equal a cluttered mind, but sometimes it’s nice to have a clean, organized space in life and in mind.

  1. Follow the One-Minute Rule
This isn’t my idea. I read it in a book, but it works. Basically, the one-minute rule is that whenever you see something whether it’s trash on the floor or a dish that should go in the dishwasher, if it will only take one minute (or less) to accomplish, you just do it. No excuses. No procrastination. After all, it only takes a minute, right?

2. …And the One-Month Rule
If you haven’t used it in the past month, throw it away or donate it to charity. This also goes for anything you keep telling yourself “might” come in handy some day. If you don’t see yourself honestly using it now or in the next month, get rid of it. It’s only taking up space. 

3. Clean one room at a time.
When you’re trying to organize your whole house it can seem like a daunting task. So start one room at a time. Try to completely clean and organize one room in a day…or week even. Just tackle the task one step (or room) at a time.

4. Use labels.
Designate specific places for specific items, and label it. Label it with a post-it note if you have to, but just make sure you write it down. It’s much easier to stick to the organization if you put it in writing.

5. Upcycle
If you have an emotional attachment to something that would otherwise be considered trash, find a way to make it useful and/or beautiful again. Pinterest has some really good ideas. Google and Youtube work too.

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