5 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors

Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors
Get outside. It’s good for you!

  1. Take your normal exercise routine outdoors.
Even if you workout to a video on your television. Take the DVD to your laptop and take your workout outside. Use a yoga mat if you have to. Go for a run around the neighborhood. Just take your sweat session outdoors, so you can reap the benefits.

2. Be an original date.
Forget dinner and a movie. You can’t talk during a movie anyway. So plan a picnic at a spot with a cool view. Or make dinner plans and then walk it off with a romantic stroll. In this digital age, taking a date outdoors will be the most pleasant surprise.

3. Swim.
It’s summer time! Get our your swimsuits and go for a swim. Just make sure it’s a body of water that’s outdoors. Whether it’s a lake, a beach, a river, a creek, or the neighbor’s new pool.

4. Be a kid again.
Have a water balloon fight. Round up your peeps and play a game of tag, or kickball, or whatever game you liked to play before video games and internet hijacked your free time. And when you’re exhausted from playing, build a tent out of sheets and relax in the shade.

5. Relax
Take your favorite book and a chair outside to read in the sunlight. Put up a hammock and take a nap. Swing on the porch bench and contemplate the meaning of life. And when night falls, build a bed out of blankets and count the stars. 

We’re connected to nature in ways we can only understand when we take the time to actually spend time outdoors. So make the time. Feel that connection. I promise you, there’s nothing else in the world more satisfying. :)

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