The 5 Things I Learned From Orange Is The New Black

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The 5 Things I Learned from Orange Is The New Black
It’s not just a television show if it can teach you something new.

  1. Kindness wins more hearts than intimidation.
If you gain friends by intimidating them, their loyalty will expire the second you can no longer control with fear. However, if you gain friends by genuine kindness, you’ll gain popularity without even realizing it.

2. If you open your heart to a flame from your past, you’re likely to get burned.

Seriously. The relationship ended for a reason. I know you’re lonely, but that’s no excuse to go running into the flames. You’re going to get burned. So when you walk away, stay away.

3. If people have the chance to take advantage of you, they will.

It’s not that people are necessarily inherently evil. They are just people with lives and needs of their own, and if their needs can be more easily satisfied by taking advantage of someone they can take advantage of, well, it would take a whole lot of willpower not to.

4. Change is scary.

Actually, change is downright terrifying. But it’s also necessary and the only thing in life that can be guaranteed. However, as human beings, we can pretty much adapt to any situation life throws at us, so while it may be scary at first, we’ll eventually get used to the change.

5. When in prison, do as the prisoners do, but don’t forget to stick up for what you truly believe in.

This goes for anything really, not just prison. But just because everyone else is doing something that goes against what you believe in, doesn’t mean you should too. There are always going to be haters, but you don’t have to be one of them. Stick to you, and stick together with the others who accept you and your beliefs. You’re never alone.

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