5 Ways to Tell You're Independent

Friday, August 15, 2014

5 Ways to Tell You’re Independent
How do you know you're independent?

  1. You know that arguing is pointless.
You know that not everyone is going to agree with you. In fact, you’ll face more opposition to your opinions than assent. But you won’t care. You’ve already learned that you’ll never win an argument against anyone with an ego (read: everyone). You’re already wise enough to know which battles are worth fighting, and which are best left alone, and the majority are left alone.

2. You take care of yourself.
You feed your mind: reading, learning, discovering, engaging in any activity that expands your knowledge of this incredible world we live in. You also feed your body: you exercise, you eat healthy, unprocessed foods, you drink water. And you always, always, feed your soul: you travel, you connect with others, and you follow your dreams, your heart, wherever it may lead you.

3. You don’t make excuses.
You take responsibility for your actions. You admit when you are wrong, and you apologize sincerely for any behavior that might have hurt others. You know only you are in control of your life, and if you want something to happen, you make it happen.

4. You live without fear.
This doesn’t mean you engage in reckless, or dangerous behavior. It means you embrace every situation, no matter how difficult. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind (remembering honesty is the truth spoken with kindness and respect). You don’t live with walls around your heart. You’re vulnerable, but you are far from weak. You confront the deepest, darkest parts of yourself, and show them the light. You chase your dreams, you accomplish your goals, and you embrace every second of this wonderful life you’ve been given.

5. You know who you are.
You know that you are more than anything in this world. You are more than what you do, what you accomplish, where you are or where you’re going, and everything else you discuss with strangers at cocktail parties. You know you are not an extension of someone else. You are you, whatever that may be, and you are priceless, immeasurably perfect, exactly as you are.

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