A Matter of Time

Sunday, August 17, 2014

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A Matter of Time
We make time for what’s important to us, and excuses for what isn’t.

I’m a giver by nature.

What this usually means is that I will give my time and energy to just about anyone or anything for the simple sake of giving. And if it’s something or someone I care about? I’ll sacrifice the world to give that person or thing the universe.

This has caused quite a bit of trouble for me. My generosity has been greatly taken advantage of more times than I care to count, and I’ve lost my true values in the process of satisfying someone else’s more than once.

So I made a pact with myself: I would still give, but I would only give my time and energy to what truly matters to me, what is within my values and personal boundaries.

I was worried at first that I would wind up losing the people and things I had gotten so comfortable with. I mean, how could I expect my relationships to last once I stopped sacrificing my life for theirs? I had very little faith in the relationships I had built.

But I realized I have nothing to be afraid of. Once I started being honest about what I wanted, what I was willing to sacrifice, what truly matters to me, the people worth giving my time and energy to respected me more. And the people who weren’t disappeared, but I found they weren’t worth missing.

What we give our time and energy to matters. We don’t get the time back, and if our energy is too depleted, we wind up wasting more time than we already have. 

This summer, I had trouble finding work because I was very picky about what I was willing to give my time and energy to. I didn’t want to work in a place that was all about money. I didn’t want to live for a paycheck. I wanted to live for something greater. And I didn’t want to sacrifice the things and relationships that are important to me.

I spent the whole summer searching without any luck, but just before I could give up hope I was offered a job at a nonprofit organization near the water. So far, it’s been greater than any job I could have imagined. I’m even able to get some writing done on the job.

But if I had sacrificed my values for any job available, I wouldn’t have been able to get the job I have now. 

When we’re honest about what matters, when we stay true to our values, it’s only a matter of time before what we’re hoping for shows up in our life. 

So stop wasting time on the things and people who don’t hold your values. Chase after your dreams. Don’t give up hope. Know that staying true to yourself is the greatest, hardest mission you will ever face in this life, but if you manage to stick with it long enough, you’ll see all your dreams come true.

Stay with it.

It’s just a matter of time.

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