Connected by Constellations

Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Connected by Constellations
A theory of our connection to the stars.

When you look at the stars, what do you see?

Most people find staring at the stars to be a completely humbling experience. It makes them feel how infinitely small they are, how insignificant our planet is in relation to the entire galactic universe.

And I’ll admit I can understand that. But standing under the stars, I’m more likely to become dizzy with the realization of the infinite significance of life’s meaning.

We’re here to connect. I truly believe that. We were put on this earth to connect with one another, to connect with the creatures and plants and resources that are alive on this planet with us. I believe we were meant to love unconditionally, and live with our hearts as well as our minds. Life is about balance, peace, love. 

Looking at the stars reminds me of this. It reminds me not to take everything I have in my life for granted, as it’s so often too easy to do. It reminds me to cherish the people and relationships in my life, to make time to share my love with them because they are worth living for. It reminds me to follow my heart and pursue my dreams and to never give up. Even though I will fail more than once. Even though I will experience loss after loss after loss.

The stars will still be shining even in the greatest of darkness. In fact, it’s only with true darkness, a complete absence of light, that the light of the stars shines down the brightest.

So maybe we are small. Maybe we are just one speck of a planet in a universe of yet unknown greatness. But we are far from insignificant. Our lives are filled with purpose, with meaning, with great love.

Just look at the stars and you’ll know.

This past spring I attended a talk by Neil Degrasse Tyson. In the talk, he described how we, human beings, are made up of the same chemicals as the stars. We hold the greatness of the stars within us. We are filled with stardust.

If our connection to the stars is in our very being, runs through our veins, makes up the cells in our bodies, couldn’t it be possible that we are stars? Every single one of us a star, shining bright through the darkness?

I believe so. And when I have children, that’s what I’m going to tell them. I’m going to take them outside, and point to the sky, and make them aware of their connection to the stars. And whenever they experience loss in their lives, I’ll point them to the stars again and remind them that they haven’t lost their light.

Because they haven’t. 

We haven’t.

We are all still stars, shining away.

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