Feminist Friday: Muscle Men?

Friday, August 29, 2014

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Muscle Men?
An argument for the one muscle the misogynist man must be lacking.


It’s a muscle that resides in the brains of all of us. The strength of our willpower determines whether we will eat that second slice of cake, push ourselves to complete another rep in our exercise routine, and every other difficult decision between what we want and what we need.

Like all muscles, willpower can be strengthened. Avoiding excessive temptation is a good start. So is creating a routine of good habits. But honestly, the true strength of willpower comes from within, when you allow yourself to be aware of the consequences of your actions, when you take responsibility.

This can be difficult, as the misogynist man can attest. After all, his favorite excuse for rape is to blame his actions on his victim. 

“If she didn’t want to be raped she shouldn’t have worn that skirt/dress/outfit.” He says. “She shouldn’t have taken that drink/drug/offer. She shouldn’t have looked at me/smiled/been a nice person.”

But really, what the misogynist man is saying is that he doesn’t have any willpower. He is weak, muscleless, and dare-I-say brainless.

Women should not have to walk the streets in fear. They should not have to keep their heads down, wary of their intentions being misunderstood as an invitation to their bodies. They should not have to take the blame for a man’s weakest actions.

But so many of them do. 


Because our society still accepts a man’s weak willpower as a valid excuse.

It’s time to change this. It’s time to stop accepting the excuses of weak men. Use your willpower. Strengthen it. 

Think of how much peace would be experienced by the collective use of one, individual muscle.

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