What if...?

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

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What if…?
Fill in the blank. Then let go of the regret.

Life is filled with choices.

We can’t escape them. They’re everywhere. From the second we wake up to the moment we drift to sleep, we’re bombarded by the burden of decision.

And sometimes, the choices we make don’t turn out as well as we may have hoped when we made the decision. So begins the “what if” conundrum.

What if I hadn’t taken the passionless job?

What if I hadn’t agreed to the date?

What if I had answered differently?

What if there was a way to know how my life may have turned out differently?

Unfortunately, all we can do when faced with the what if questions is imagine how things might have been different. And if we’re not careful, all that imagining can turn into regret. Everything always looks better in our imaginations.

But the truth is that everything happens for a reason. If it was supposed to happen differently, it would have. 

I believe we are responsible for our own actions. I believe in karma: what we reap, we sow. So to some extent, I believe events in our life transpire because of the actions we have made. But I also believe their is a lesson, a reason, for everything that happens, and it’s not just a random event of karmic payback. If you cheat on someone, and then later get cheated on yourself, hopefully you will have both paid for your actions of cheating and learned not to ever cheat on someone in the future. The only way to truly learn is through consequence.

So go ahead and ask yourself “What if…?”

But instead of imagining how much better things would be if you had done something differently, notice the lessons that came out of the experience. If you had made a different choice, what might you have missed? What would you have learned differently? 

Don’t let your “what if” lead you to regret.

Take responsibility for your actions, and let it lead you to the truth.

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