Feminist Friday: The Lessons of Mimi

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Lessons of Mimi

A poem for an influential woman in my life.

It isn’t always easy
this life given to me
but Mimi has some lessons
that she’s given away for free

Love your sister, neighbor, and your brother
Respect your elders
Don’t be a bother

Dress your best
And get your rest
Because this world is full of misery,
but thank goodness you are blessed

You are stronger than you think
and I will push you to the brink
Because I know
I can see
Just how wonderful you can be

You are amazing
Don’t you forget it
You have talent
Don’t you regret it

Love will push you down
and throw you round and round
But never will you doubt
The strength of your heart
When you stand back up
Ready to start
and again
And again

The sun shines just for you
So don’t forget to bring your suit
so you can swim
and soak it in

Take care of your body
It’s the only one you’ve got
Enjoy this life
You’ve only got one shot

Family is important
And time is always free
But time is also priceless
So make sure you spend it wisely

And when you’re feeling lost
Broken down and blue
Remember I’m always with you
And that I love you too

Pursue your passions
Build your life
Save your money
Be a wife

These are the things that have been told to me
In silence
By example
and the occasional talk or two
My strength, my courage, my destiny
And everything I know to be true
Shaped into my spirit, my soul, myself, and me
Oh, how I’m grateful for the lessons of Mimi

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