10 Commandments

Thursday, October 02, 2014

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10 Commandments
My rules for living my best life.

I like to consider myself a rebel. And by that I mean I don’t do anything just because I’m told to. Everything I do has a purpose.

I think it’s important to question the rules and guidelines set by others. I think a life of purpose is the only life worth living, and I think we all have a purpose. I also think our purpose is much easier to live by when we make our own rules for our lives.

And with that being said, here are my personal 10 Commandments for my life:

  1. Never, ever go a day without coffee.
Coffee makes you a better person. Just one cup a day is all you need to be a functional human being. You’ll try to convince myself you’re stronger without it from time to time, but you fail miserably every time. Stop fighting and just drink the damn cup of coffee already!

2. …Or Yoga/Writing.
No excuses. Get on your mat every day and reap the rewards. Yoga saved your life, and continues to do so every day. Keep it up. No matter what. Same goes for writing. You know it's good for you, for your soul. Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT.

3. Drink water.
Because everything is made of water, when you think about it. It’s the lifesource of pretty much the entire world. So drink it!

4. Meditate.
Seriously, breathe. Take time to chill out. Sit and listen to music. Feel. You need this time.

5. Embrace the present.
What’s meant to be, will be. I know you like to have a plan. I know the unknown worries you the most. But you’re never going to know everything, and even the best laid plans get interrupted by life. So it’s best to accept where you are right now, and focus on your goals. What can you do right now to accomplish your goals? It’s okay to just take baby steps, and not have it all figured out. You’ll get there one moment, and one day at a time.

6. Pray.
Remember that God is love, a presence, and a feeling. God is not some judgmental white man on a throne in the sky. Don’t ever be afraid to pray. Don’t ever think you and your personal needs and wishes don’t matter. Ask and you will receive. It’s that simple.

7. Listen.
To your intuition, to your heart, to your feelings, and everyone (or everything) around you. Be aware of what’s going on. Pay attention. Listen. It’s a skill that can never go wrong.

8. Be honest.
Honesty is always the best policy. Have enough respect for yourself and others to tell the truth. Remember the truth is love, and love is the only thing worth having, living, and being.

9. Be kind.
You are connected to everyone and everything in this world, whether you like it or not. How you treat others, is ultimately how you’ll wind up treating yourself. So treat others and yourself kindly. Always.

10. Live love.
In the words of Bob Goff, love does. It’s a verb, an action, much more than words. You can’t give it or get it. You must live it. Each and every day, choose to live love.

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