Letter to Taylor Swift

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter to Taylor Swift
I’m pulling myself out of the TS-coma woods to write this letter about how Taylor is the best. Like ever.

I’m going to be honest:

I was pretty upset with you for waiting so long to release another single from the album coming out this month. I’m not the only one either. Not even an hour had passed when you finally released “Out of the Woods” before it reached number four on the Top Charts. Obviously, ALL your fans had been waiting for this moment.

But the agonizing wait was worth it. 

You have the most magical music ability. Every song you sing perfectly captures the emotions of an experience. Ever since your first album came out when I was in high school, your songs have spoken the emotions I was always too scared to say.

I know you receive a lot of backlash in the media for your songs. You pour the truth and emotion into every song, and it makes people uncomfortable. People don’t like the truth. It’s messy and hard and real. But the things that are necessary are never easy, and you’re not afraid of that. You obviously know how to shake off all the hate, and use it to your advantage.

You’re not afraid to experience life. You are the definition of fearless. And that’s what makes you the best. You fall hard and fast, but you pick yourself up and turn every heartbreak and pain into the most beautiful gift to the world. 

You are amazing, and an inspiration to all. Never, ever stop singing. Like ever.



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