What is Writing?

Saturday, October 04, 2014

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What is Writing?
It’s so much more than putting pen to a paper.

What is writing?

There’s this common misconception that writing is some tedious work that our teachers like to torture us with. It’s words on a page that we only put down so we can graduate, and never write anything again.

Often times, when I tell people I’m a writer, they look at me with pity. As if they are wondering why on Earth I would ever want to write anything for fun.

But writing is more than just fun for me. It’s everything.

Writing is like breathing to me. It sustains my life. Sometimes, the writing flows naturally and easily and I don’t even have to think about it. But most of the time, it’s a constant struggle to catch a single thought and put it on a page. I have to fight for my writing like a marathon runner fights for her breath. And most people don’t understand this, how important writing is to me, how hard it can be. They think it’s just a hobby, something I do in my spare time, nothing significant whatsoever. And sometimes, I let them convince me they’re right. 

But the truth is, I can’t stop writing. Ever. If I’m not writing with pen and paper (or a computer screen and keyboard), I’m writing in my head. Even in my sleep (I often wind up turning my dreams into stories). Writing is not just a hobby; it’s my life. It’s not something I do in my spare time; it’s what I do all the time, every second of every day. And it is most certainly the most significant aspect of my life because it is the only thing guaranteed to be seen in my past, present, and future.

Writing is so much more than words on a page. It is my soul, my very being.

But most importantly it’s my passion.

I will keep writing even if nothing ever comes of it, even if I never reach any writing success. I will keep fighting to put words on a page not because I need a paycheck or recognition, but because I need to live.

And writing, for me, is living.

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