Sunday, October 05, 2014

Photo Credit: http://ace-of-finland.deviantart.com/art/Big-Question-17718434
You must question everything to understand anything.

Do you remember the “why” game?

It used to be one of my favorites in elementary school because it was the fastest way to get an angry reaction out of my frustrated parents.

“Clean your room.”


“Because it’s messy.”


“Because you made a mess.”


“I don’t know why. Because you felt like it!”


“I don’t know why! GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM.”


It was fun until my sister started using it against me. Then, as I grew older, asking questions became a necessity.

Questioning everything isn’t just a game. It’s the only way to truly understand anything. We can’t have true faith unless we question our beliefs. We can’t have true love without questioning our partner and getting to know him/her. We can’t have a true understanding of anything without questioning everything.

So start questioning.

Question your faith, question your feelings, question the direction you’re heading in life. Question your friends, family, and significant others. Question everything you know to be true, and everything you believe to be impossible.

Never stop questioning, even when you find the answers because everything is temporary and the answers are bound to change. Keep questioning.

Please, live a life of wonder.

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