All Suffering is Suffering

Thursday, November 20, 2014

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All Suffering is Suffering
Why should it to be worse?

We’ve all heard it and/or thought it before:

It could be worse.

When the doctor tells us we can’t have children, well at least it’s not cancer

When we get fired from our job, at least I still have my family. 

When we’re going through a divorce, at least I’m not starving…

We forget that all suffering is suffering.

 It feels the same whether it’s a broken nail, a broken leg, or a broken heart. No matter what the circumstance, when something hurts, it hurts. Saying that it could be worse is invalidating of those feelings, and feelings unvalidated are toxic to our well-being.

If a woman breaks a nail, must we set her on fire to validate her feelings? If a man is suffering through a broken heart, must we also kill his entire family to validate his suffering? 

Could things be worse? Of course they could! Life is full of disappointments and tragedy.

 But why should it have to be worse? Why aren’t our own tragedies and disappointments worth feeling?

Stop devaluing yourself. Stop invalidating your suffering.

When something hurts, let it hurt. Instead of telling yourself it could be worse, feel what you’re feeling right now.

We can be grateful that it could be worse without invalidating our suffering.

All suffering is suffering. All pain is pain. All hurt is hurt.

Feelings don't change just because the circumstances could be different, and there's no emotional response requirement for a shitty situation. There's only a shitty situation and your natural response.

It could be worse.

But why should it?

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