Saturday, November 29, 2014

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A yoga philosophy.

I’ve been feeling pretty imbalanced this week.

When I first started practicing yoga, I was introduced to the yoga/Ayervedic philosophy of Doshas. There are three types representing the elements of Earth (Kapha), Air (Vata), and Fire (Pitta). While everyone experiences elements of all three simultaneously, we tend to lean toward one element most often. This element then becomes our primary Dosha.

My primary Dosha is Pitta which means I’m a determined go-getter with an inclination toward a caffeine addiction and an intolerance for spicy foods. When I’m imbalanced, I become aggressive, irritable, and easily frustrated. I drink too much coffee and overschedule my to-do list. I attempt to accomplish everything at once, and am typically much too hard on myself when I can’t complete a task. I don’t give myself a mental break.

Physically, though, I tend to react to stress like a Kapha: I retreat and withdraw from people and situations, I oversleep, and I stop exercising. My energy levels are low and depressing, and I neglect any obligations that require me to move/think. Combined with my Pitta mind, my imbalanced self is a complete mess of contradictions and stress.

I’ve definitely been imbalanced this week, and it’s not just because I wore too-high heels for two days in a row. Heels I obviously had no business trying to walk in. I’m imbalanced because I haven’t been giving myself enough attention. I’ve overtaxed myself with social gatherings, family, holidays, school, work, and travel. I haven’t given myself any time to relax or deal with the chaos in a peaceful manner. Though I have been watching plenty of Netflix and avoiding as much physical responsibility as my Pitta brain will allow me…

It’s time for me to find my balance again. And I encourage everyone to do the same.

Find out your Dosha type here and here. Learn about yourself. Balance yourself.

Let’s have a balanced winter season. :)

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