How to Live

Saturday, November 08, 2014

How to Live
Live like it’s your last day.

Kiss the girl you’re crushing on. Tell her how you really feel. Open up. Be brave with your heart.

Take his hand as you’re walking side-by-side. Let your fingers intertwine and press your palms together. Look into his eyes and have a whole conversation without words.

Dance and sing to your favorite songs. Even if you’re surrounded by people. Even if you’re alone.

Eat the food your body craves. Let yourself enjoy the savory pleasures of eating really good food. Spend too much money on groceries, and cook until the fire alarm goes off in your house. 

Drink too much wine, and call everyone you know to tell them all how much you love them because they are just so amazing, and you just love them so much.

Read, watch movies, finish everything in your Netflix queue. Go to a museum and really look at everything. Soak in the local culture. Appreciate art.

Make a trip to the beach, and have a good cry. Roll in the sand, and jump in the waves. When the sun sets and everything is dark, take off your clothes and swim in the dark. Look up at the stars as you listen to the waves crash onto the shore.

Ignore the sense of duty telling you what you should be doing, or shouldn’t. Know that should and shouldn’t are just words without meaning. Just be.

Give hugs to strangers, to the people you love, to everyone. Be a “hugger.”

Take too many photos, print them out, and hang them on your wall. Finish all the projects that will make your environment more beautiful.

Fingerpaint. Have a water balloon fight. Play hide-and-seek. Remember what it’s like to be a kid again.

Apologize to the people you hurt. Forgive the people who hurt you. Let go of your past and enjoy your present. Know that the future is built by the actions you make now.

Smile until your cheeks hurt, and cry until your eyes are raw and red. Scream until your face turns pink and your throat hurts too much to speak. Let yourself feel every emotion inside of you wholeheartedly.

Risk everything. Fight for what you believe in. Fight for yourself.

Buy expensive sheets. Make your bed. Fall asleep.

Wake up and live another day.

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