Can The Heart Change?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Can The Heart Change?
Determining destiny.

Do you know your destiny?

It’s such a heavy question, isn’t it? And most of us have trouble with the answer. Maybe we don’t believe in destiny. Or perhaps we just don’t care.

But I believe there’s a desire within all of us that stings in the very core of our being. It dictates what direction we take in life, and everything we choose to do stems from either it’s acceptance or denial. We can’t be truly happy until we fulfill this desire, or two or three. It’s what defines who we are.

A friend of mine disagreed with this idea. He believes the heart can (and will) change, drastically, completely. No one desire is everlasting. He said his desires in high school are radically different from the dreams he’s pursuing now. He wanted to be a CEO of some yet unimagined company, and now he’s planning for his own restaurant. He thinks CEO and Restaurant Owner are two very different concepts, and they are.

But the essence is the same: he wants to be in charge. He wants to call the shots and steer the company in the direction of his choice.

So did the heart really change?

He claims it did. He wanted to control a company, and now he wants to serve people. There’s a big difference in heart there, it would seem.

But really the only difference is that he listened to the desire of his heart and asked himself why.

The desire doesn’t change, not in it’s essence. However, the path we choose to reach our dreams can change at any time. It stops changing when we stop chasing, and ask ourselves why. Why do I want to be a CEO? Why do I want to own a restaurant?

We have to be able to look inside ourselves and ask ourselves why. And then we have to be willing to listen.

Not to the voices and expectations of others. But to the still, quiet voice in our heart that speaks louder than anything else in our lives if we give it the chance. It’s what pushes us forward and gives us hope, a reason to wake up and live each day.

I believe each of us has within us a gift and a desire to share this gift with the world. It could be anything. Business, art, science, love…there aren’t any limits to the categorization. Each of us has a purpose that we can choose to share with the world.

But we can also choose to deny it. To keep our gift to ourselves. To label it a hobby to do in our spare time. We let ourselves be buried by the expectations of other people, of society, of everything and everyone that doesn’t matter. 

Don’t deny your purpose. Listen to your heart.

Let it guide you to your destiny.

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