Close the Distance

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Close the Distance
Reach out and lean on the ones you love.

We all need people.

We can’t burden the weight of the world alone nor should we. We have been gifted with friends and/or family, loved ones we can lean on for support and who can help us in our times of need.

I’ve always tried to be someone who could be counted on. I’ve sacrificed a lot to be there for the ones I love.

But when the situation is in reverse and I suddenly need someone to lean on, I put up walls and shut everyone out instead of letting people in. Perhaps it was the environment I was raised in, chaotic, messy, and opposed to all emotion (except anger). Or perhaps, being the support so many times, I’d feel guilty leaning on anyone. Because we’re all suffering. We all have a crisis to deal with, or a crisis we’re not dealing with. We all have feelings that we don’t’ know what to do with most of the time.

Even knowing this, though, I still find myself keeping the struggles in my world a secret. There’s very few people I tell everything to, and even then, I only talk when I’m ready. Not when I’m in the throes of an emotional breakdown.

But what if I could avoid the emotional breakdown all together? What if instead of waiting for the struggle to pass on my own, I reached out to the ones I love and had them help me with the burden? What if I was consistently honest about my feelings, and didn’t try to suffer through them by myself? Because I don’t have to anymore.

I used to surround myself with people who would have shunned me for reaching out to them. They were just like me, wanting to keep the emotional distance as much as possible. We all had walls. We all would gun down anyone who tried to break through.

I’ve gotten better about closing the emotional distance with the people I care about. I’ve let go of a lot of people who refused to take down their walls. But there’s still a part of me that’s afraid to reach out and ask for help when I need it.

And that’s a part of me I’m going to be working on.

So if I reach out to you, I hope you’ll be there for me. And if you need someone to share your burden with you, I’m here to help you out as well, always.

Let’s all lean on the ones we love. Let’s let go of the fear of vulnerability, break down the walls, and close the emotional distance.

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