Feminist Friday: The 5 Stages of Selfcare

Friday, December 05, 2014

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 The 5 Stages of Selfcare
It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.

  1. The Denial (aka Repression) Stage.
Our thoughts: What needs to get done? I really just want to watch Netflix right now, but I know there’s something more important I should be doing…
This is the stage where we deny ourselves happiness by that evil, joy-sucking word should. There’s no such thing as should or shouldn’t, but we forget this during the denial stage and fill our to-do list with them.

2. The Breakdown Stage.
After we have exhausted all effort of repression and denial, we finally give in to temptation. We eat the bar of chocolate. We watch Netflix. We go out and have a blast with our friends. We let go of all sense of should and shouldn’t, boundaries, and completely breakdown… in the best way possible.

3. The Guilt Stage.
Oh no! We have given in to temptation! We have taken care of ourselves and done what we needed/wanted to do, and now we have experienced happiness and joy! We must be terrible people! How dare we sacrifice our to-do list for something that only benefits us individually! How dare we be happy when there’s so much that should be done!

4. The Decision Stage
Now, we come to a choice: we can either let our guilt spiral us into a cycle of denial-repression-breakdown-guilt-repeat or we can choose to overcome the guilt and be honest with ourselves. Those who choose to be honest, keep reading.

5. The Revelation Stage.

We decide to be honest with ourselves. We realize that our feelings, wants, and needs matter. We recognize the balance between selfcare and production, and that the two go hand-in-hand. We can’t be truly productive if we aren’t at our best and we can’t be our best if we don’t take care of ourselves. We know that selfcare isn’t selfish. It’s necessary. We make selfcare a regular part of our daily routine. Sometimes we still go through the cycle, but now we know that’s okay. As long as we eventually end up here, we’ll be fine.

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