Feminist Friday: Hypnotic Vaginal Powers

Friday, December 26, 2014

 Photo Credit: http://littleflair.deviantart.com/art/daisy-tests-446119866
Hypnotic Vaginal Powers
The secret weapon of a female.

Yesterday, during dinner, the debate was about whether or not women should be allowed to join the special forces.

All the women at the table voted yes (at least the young, feminist women), while all the men argued that women in the special forces would only distract from the intense, important mission at hand. Because, of course these highly trained military men can’t be trusted to keep it in their pants and do their job.

How this is a valid argument, I don’t know. But my brother set out to prove his point by googling “for proof” and the first article that popped up was about the “hypnotic vaginal powers” women possess. Which even my semi-sexist brother had to admit was completely absurd.

Vaginas do NOT possess magical, hypnotic powers. The inability to resist the temptation of sex is a reflection of a man’s willpower, not the woman’s vagina. Excluding women from opportunities they are just as capable of achieving because of the “threat” their vagina’s pose is incredibly moronic.

And we, as a society, need to stop feeding these moronic excuses.

Stop putting the blame on women. Start holding men accountable for their actions. It’s not the “hypnotic vaginal powers” that are to blame. It’s the men’s lack of willpower.

Guess what? Willpower is a muscle. You have to use it to have it.

So use it.

Because hypnotic vaginal powers? Seriously?

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