Feminist Friday: No Means No

Friday, December 19, 2014

Photo Credit: http://ma-no.deviantart.com/art/Stop-there-114273716

No Means No
You don’t need to justify your answer.

We are a culture of guilt and self-sacrifice.

We condemn and ostracize the people who have enough sense of self and respect for themselves to stand up for what’s true and right. We tell that world that no doesn’t mean no, that “yes” is the only correct answer. Even, perhaps especially, when it isn’t.

This needs to stop.

No really does mean no. Plain and simple. No explanation necessary.

No doesn’t mean “Not yet” or that I need more convincing. It doesn’t mean “ask again later” or require a logical explanation.


I don’t know why this concept is so hard for us to understand. We are in control of our own lives. Why do we let others influence our decisions? 

Please don’t ever feel guilty for saying no. Don’t ever feel like you owe an explanation for your answer. Own your answer. Own yourself. Don’t let yourself and your choices be defined by anyone other than you.

Sure, people aren’t going to like you for sticking up for yourself, for being yourself. They might call you all sorts of horrid names. They’ll say or do anything to make you feel worthless and small.

Don’t let them succeed. You are not worthless or insignificant for staying true to yourself, for owning your decisions. What others think about you is not any of your concern. It says nothing about you. Only you can determine who and what you are. Only you have complete power over your life.

Own it.

And never forget NO MEANS NO.

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