Holiday Wish List

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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Holiday Wish List
For everyone in my life and/or reading this right now. :)

Everyone’s been asking me what I want for Christmas this year.

And truthfully, I don’t want anyTHING. I’m fortunate enough to have everyTHING I could ask for, and I don’t want to ask for anything I don’t honestly need. I’ve reached that point in my life when I realize that the things that truly matter aren’t really THINGS at all. It’s moments, experiences, and connections that matter, and those can’t be wrapped.

Which leads me to my wish list this year:

  1. Hugs.
The giant, squeezing kind. And lots of them. I want to feel how much you love me by the strength of your arms around me. Because I love you too.

2. Laughter.
I want to see you smile. I want us all to laugh so hard our abs hurt for days. I want to feel like my cheeks might fall off from smiling so much. I want tears falling from my eyes because I’m laughing so much. Let’s tell jokes and reminisce on all those hilarious childhood stories we have. Let’s have fun and be silly. Let’s laugh.

3. Quality time to connect.
Let’s turn off our phones and the televisions and give each other our undivided attention. Let’s really listen to what we have to talk about. Let’s take the time to talk and connect and open up to each other. I want to feel heard, and I want you to feel heard. I want us both to walk away from a conversation feeling connected, understood, loved, and alive.

4. Beautiful new memories.
Let’s do something we haven’t tried before, and go somewhere we’ve never been. Let’s make new memories together and discover something new about the world, ourselves, each other. The world is begging to be explored and remembered. Let’s answer the call.

5. Good food.
Let’s cook together. Let’s create a new recipe. Teach me how to cook your favorite dish and I’ll teach you how to cook mine. Let’s share a meal and rejoice in the wonderful fulfillment of food.

6. Support.
Read my stories. Ask me what I’m writing about. Tell me I’m a great writer. Push me to put myself out there, to share my writing with the world. Make me believe the struggle I face daily with the page will be worth it someday.

7. Honesty.
For once, please, let’s be our authentic selves. Let’s stop pretending, stop the small talk, and say what we’re really feeling. Let’s give each other permission to be real. And then, let’s accept the honesty. Let’s accept each other for not being perfect because none of us are. Underneath the layers of fake smiles and forced kindness is an imperfect human being who is still worthy of love, acceptance, and respect. And that’s who I want to see. That’s who I want to be.

8. Music.
Let’s keep the radio on. Let’s listen to music we adore. Let’s sing along at the top of our lungs to our favorite songs. Let’s dance until we collapse. Because music is life and life is beautiful.

9. Warmth.
Let’s sit by the fire when it’s cold. Wrap ourselves in blankets or maybe build a fort. Let’s cuddle while we watch a movie or perhaps just talk. Let’s keep warm.

10. Love.
You can never overuse the words “I love you.” Let’s tell each other how much we love each other. Let’s tell complete strangers they are loved. Let’s fill the world with love and loving intention.

You might consider me difficult because I refuse to give you a tangible item to wrap with my name on it under the tree, but satisfying my wish list this year really is the least difficult of all. As long as you’re willing to be real with me and share in the joy and beauty of life, my wish list will be satisfied. So yes, if you have a gift wrapped for me under the tree, I’m going to appreciate it. But I’d rather have you, dear reader. Because you are alive, and you matter to me.

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