Something Beautiful

Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Something Beautiful

Last night I was scared
because last night you showed me that you cared.
I've lived long enough to know the game,
 burned enough to be afraid of the flame.
Everybody else, they like to pretend,
keep me guessing until the very end.
I want to get to know you.
I want to be your friend.
I want you to be mine.
I want to love you.
The end.
Every line a promise never intended to be kept,
until I stop believing, trying, caring, reaching for depth.
You showed up when I gave up.
You changed the rules of the game.
I want to believe this is nothing.
I want to believe I'm just insane.
I want to believe I heard you wrong while we were lying side-by-side
I know you want me.
 I want you too. 
But we both know it means nothing 
unless we wait, that's the truth.
And in that moment I finally knew,
what it's like to find something true.

Last night while we were dancing,
in a room we filled with love
singing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs,
you paused, took my hand, looked at me and said,
baby, I'm in love with you,
and someday I will marry you
I promise that's the truth.
And I don't want to believe you.
I'm scared, I care, and my scars are showing through.
I like the way this feels, and
I need this to be real,
but there aren't any guarantees.
We waited, we took our time,
and we found something true.
This isn't nothing.
This is something.
I don't need to be afraid.
And in that moment I see the truth:
I have something forever beautiful with you.

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