What Does It Mean to Be a Family?

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

What Does It Mean to Be a Family?
Create your own definition.

It’s that time of year perfect for connection with others.

The weather couldn’t be better for cuddling, hot cocoa, and deep talks by the fireplace. The spirit of giving is in the air, and food is likely to be in abundance. There’s also a great chance of being reconnected to those distant relatives you only see once or twice a year.

This is my favorite time of year. As I’ve grown and transformed, I’ve realized there’s nothing more important than the connections we make with the people we care about.

I’ve also realized there are multiple definitions of family.

Family, I’ve learned, is not just who we share DNA and a last name with. It could be, if that’s how we’d like to define it, but that would be pretty depressing for me.

Family, to me, is the group of people we care most about. The people we feel most comfortable with and love most unconditionally. The people who accept us for our true selves, bring out the best in us, and know exactly how to make us smile. Family is who we want to spend our time with. Family is what is strengthened this time of year.

Maybe that’s the people we share DNA and a last name with. But for me, personally, that’s not the case.

And that’s okay.

I love my family. I love the people I can see every day and never get sick of. The people who can make me laugh during my worst of times. The people I would do anything for, give anything to. 

My family brings love and joy to my life rather than hate and pain. They build me up instead of tearing me down. My family knows how to love.

Redefine family in your own terms. Blood isn’t destiny. We get to create our own destiny, our own family. So create yours.

Create connection.

Create love.

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