Who We Are

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Who We Are
More than enough.

We are more than we think.

We are more than bones, and teeth, and flesh. We are more than arms and legs and torsos and heads. We are more than fingers and toes. We are more than anything that can be touched.

We are more than the things we say or do. We are more than the wishes we have, and the plans we make or the steps we take. We are more than anything we could possibly describe.

We are more than enough.

We are the dreams we hold in our hearts and never stop reaching for. We are the moments of strength when we’ve hit our lowest point. We are the laughter and tears and emotions that we share with others, or even keep to ourselves. We are the whispered I love you’s that are shouted with our actions, and the look in our eyes that says everything we can’t seem to put into words.

We are the memories that last long after the moments have passed, and the time and energy we share and give to others. We carry the ocean and the stars inside of us, and it shows in the moments we come alive.

When we let our fears go, all the doubt that tells us we’ll never be enough or anything at all, we remember. When we stop worrying what others think, and see and accept ourselves for who we truly are, we know.

We are love, and we are more than enough.

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