Check Yourself

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Check Yourself
Have you been giving your body what it needs?

This weekend I was sick with the common cold.

Which wouldn’t be unusual considering the current weather (it’s definitely cold season) except that I’m usually pretty good about keeping my immune system healthy enough to ward off common illness. I was hospitalized a lot when I was younger, and I’ve made it my mission to take care of myself. 

I made a list of all my needs, and regularly check it whenever I’m feeling particularly negative or otherwise unhealthy:

Check Yourself

(Eating wholesome, healthy meals when hungry. Limiting processed food and sugar intake. Drinking water. Cup of coffee every morning.)

(Yoga every morning, Newton’s Law of Motion: remain in motion more than remain at rest)

(Meditating, Praying, Writing, Introspection/Solitude)

(Taking time to feel/process emotions, listening to music, discussing feelings, listening to myself/needs)

(Spending time with friends, connecting honestly with others, giving/receiving hugs/physical affection)

(Spending time in nature, quiet, reading/travel)

(Orgasm, oxytocin)

I’d been skipping out on a lot of my needs the past week. Hence why I spent the weekend recovering from a cold. But it was much easier to get over my cold when I knew how to take care of myself.

So I’m encouraging you to do the same. Make a list of your needs. Check yourself.

Take care of you.

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