Everything Will Change

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Everything Will Change

Perhaps because it’s my birthday this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about change. Particularly how much can change within just one year.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday on vacation with my closest friends. No cell service, bundled up in blankets and comfy sweatpants, roasting s’mores over a campfire, playing boardgames, and watching movies. My best girl friend made me my first drink, something strong mixed with cotton candy, and started the countdown to midnight when it would officially be my birthday.

It was a really great time, and a memory I truly cherish.

Now, almost a year later, my best friend has moved to another city, and the majority of the friends I considered close are the people I barely even speak to anymore, if at all.

A lot has changed this year. Most notably, the things I never thought would change.

But that’s how change works. There’s no such thing as always or never. Everything will change, especially the things we think never will.

It’s scary to think the friends I consider close now most likely won’t be the same friends I consider close next year. The place I call home might not be my home anymore. 

We, as humans, are constantly changing, evolving, growing, and adapting. We develop new interests and hobbies. We meet new people and make new friends. We chase after new opportunities and experiences. We grow wiser with each past failure and mistake. We change our hair, our clothes, and perhaps our cars and apartments too. We make changes all the time, most often without even having to think about it first.

Change is our only guarantee.

I don’t know how next year will look, or next week, or even tomorrow. Everything that is true today could change by then, and everything will change in time. And maybe that’s terrifying.

But it’s also beautiful because it reminds us to enjoy what we have right now.

Appreciate what you have in this moment. It will change, and so will you.

But until then, enjoy. :)

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