Feminist Friday: Be Real

Friday, January 09, 2015

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 Be Real
Eye contact is not a code for a sexual invitation.

Last night I was watching a scary movie with my closest friends, and the main protagonist did something really stupid (shocking, I know):

She made eye contact with a creepy dude boarding the train she was on.

Immediately, I found myself thinking Never, ever make eye contact with strange men. They take it as an invitation.

Earlier the same day, I was watching a Buzzfeed video about how men flirt, and make eye contact was one of the ways they listed. They said if a woman returns the eye contact, she’s flirting back.


Since when did eye contact become a code for flirting?

It’s disturbing to live in a society conditioned to believe that one of the most basic and frequent human interactions is a code for sexual invitation or attraction. It’s ridiculous to assume that just because someone met your eye, they’re flirting with you. Must we keep our eyes at our feet just to give off the right impression? That seems rude to me, but is that what it takes?

We need to all stop playing games and trying to decode social interactions, and just be honest about our feelings and intentions. How many lives would be saved and rejections spared if we stopped playing games? We shouldn’t have to live in fear every time we make eye contact with someone.

Stop playing games. Stop reinforcing the code. Be real and fearless instead.

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