The Experiment

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Experiment

The fictional tale of extraterrestrial discovery.




“I think we are making a mistake. It is a perfectly good ship,” I say.

I’ve been given orders to sink one of our best ships in the depths of the Baltic Sea, to remain undiscovered until 2012, a hundred years in the future. The Commander expects that is how long it will take for The Humans to build the technology that will make discovery possible. By that point, our best ship will have deteriorated. The Humans will never see our best ship at it’s finest. They will only see it’s bare design.

“That’s precisely the point,” The Commander responds. 

“I don’t understand,” I say. “Why not send them a blueprint a hundred years from now? Why must a ship be destroyed?”




My hand hovers over the control button. I can stop the ship from crashing into the sea. I should. There is no reason to be so wasteful.

“Don’t,” The Commander says. “A blueprint would be too simple. We do not expect a blueprint to be magically bestowed upon ourselves, do we? We must learn as the Humans do. The next Generation will be better suited for this particular lesson. They will evolve. They will learn. We will teach them.”

Everything we have done has been for The Humans. They are our experiment. We created them, and built their home on Earth. We used our best technology to eliminate the dinosaurs that ruled the planet. They were pointless beasts. They would have destroyed our Humans, and then the planet. We couldn’t let that happen. Earth was the perfect home for our experiment.



We wanted to find the formula for Civilization. How long does it take an entire Civilization to unite? What are the best tools for knowledge expansion? How is communication best implemented? How does a Civilization adapt and deal with unknowns?


The Universe is vastly unexplored, even by us. We created the Humans to teach us how to explore the unknown depths of the Universe. How can we learn to communicate with those who don’t speak our language? How can we unite as one Civilization, despite our differences? What can we use to expand our knowledge, and adapt to unfamiliar situations? 

It is our hope to create a Civilization out of the entire Universe. We will work together. We will communicate, build, grow, learn as one. It is our belief that the Universe and all it’s separate Civilizations were meant to unite. Knowledge, power, and beauty are meant to be shared. Wisdom, leadership, and magnificence look the same in every Civilization we have yet discovered. We expect this to be a Universal truth.

S we created The Humans in our image. Everything they do is a reflection of us. Everything we do is for them as well as because of them. We sacrifice much for their growth, this I have always known. They have much to teach us, and we them. 

The fate of the Universe depends on this give-and-take. We give them a ship from unknown origins, and they take the technology. They create something out of nothing. They teach us how to expand and adapt. How the next Generation handles this discovery will determine our next move.


I sigh as the ship crashes into the sea. It sinks to the bottom with nothing except a ripple and billowing of sand to alert it’s sudden presence. The wave it creates tapers toward the shore several hundred miles away, only appearing slightly stronger than the waves before it. I watch on the holographic screen in front of me as it settles onto the ocean floor, attracting the attention of the easily frightened sea life, the remnants of the dinosaurs exposed to our technology.

“Well done,” The Commander says. “You can turn off the camera now. We’ll check in when it’s time. For now let’s focus on the advancement of their submarine technology. Their development has been increasing quite well recently.”

I press the button to turn off the camera and the screen goes black. I expect The Commander is right. It will be at least a century before The Humans discover our sacrifice. They do not have the best record of using their developments to unite rather than divide. I expect a war will be pursued before the proper knowledge is gained.

Oh well, though.

It was a good ship.

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