The Year of Fearless Begins

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Year of Fearless Begins

Tonight, at around 6PM, three of my close friends and I will begin our four day roadtrip to Las Vegas.

We’ve been planning the trip together for just over a month now, though I’ve been planning my epic trip to Vegas for more than a year. I wanted to go for my twenty-first birthday, but I didn’t have the resources nor quite the age-appropriate group of friends to go with.

But today it’s actually going to happen.

Today will mark the first step toward my Year of Fearless.

I already posted about my Year of You which was last year. I made a three part plan to dedicate the year to myself: finding myself, improving myself, loving myself.

And now this year I’m dedicating a three part plan to becoming fearless in pursuit of my goals and greatest passions: writing, relationships, and traveling. This year, I plan to get my writing published, strengthen my relationships with others, and broaden my knowledge with travel. I have a list of places I want to see, and I plan to see as many as I can this year.

First on my list: VEGAS.

I’ll try to keep up with my daily posts, but I’m not quite sure what the wi-fi access is going to be like. I’ll definitely be writing, though. And strengthening my relationships with the close friends I’m traveling with. As I learned last year during my roadtrip to the Grand Canyon, it’s nearly impossible to spend 24hrs in a car with someone and not come out with a stronger bond.

This Year of Fearless is starting off right.

What is your Year? What would you like to experience this year?

Make it happen. Chase after your goals. Know that you have all the power to make your dreams come true.

Be fearless.

P.S. for Justin: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you more than life! You’re the absolute greatest, and I’ll see you soon! WE’RE GOING TO VEGAS!!

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