The Year of You

Thursday, January 01, 2015

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The Year of You

The magical power of intention.

The year 2014 has finally come to an end. 2015 has arrived.

Last year, I made a plan for what I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I called it The Year of You because I wanted my focus to be on the improvement of myself. I had come to the realization that my unhealthy habits and patterns in my life were constructed by me, and I needed to take control over my life to eradicate them. So I did. 

This was the plan:

Project Proposal
Prepared for: The Overactive Brain, Executive Director
Prepared by: Kayla Larissa Mathys, Senior Editor
February 27, 2014


To fix Kayla’s overactive brain: attraction preferences, stress reactions, motivations, addictive behaviors, and otherwise unhealthy psychological brain patterns.
Within the spans of the current calendar year (2014), the goal is to transform the unhealthy habits, behaviors, and psychological patterns of Kayla Larissa Mathys, so that she may reach academic, occupational, social, and personal success instead of dwelling in the current cycle of stress.
Kayla must learn how to experience true pleasure, bliss, and contentment by following her heart and learning how to allow herself to be selfish for the sake of fulfilling her own needs. She must also learn true devotion and vulnerability, opening herself up to discomfort and uncomfortable situations. And finally, she must learn the balance between following her heart and following her head, living with presence and pursuing goals, and finding peace and embracing the natural chaos of life.
Project Outline
One year broken into three four-month increments used to focus on the particular lesson at hand.
  • Pleasure & Contentment
  • Devotion & Vulnerability
  • Balance

Pleasure & contentment

January 1, 2014-May 1, 2014

The Daily Questions
  • What do I want to do today? And how do I want to do it?
  • What do I feel like eating today? How do I feel like eating it?
  • What do I feel?

  • Give myself permission to answer the daily questions honestly, no matter what.
  • Give myself permission to be selfish. I am free to live the life I want and deserve.
  • Do only what brings me true pleasure. I have no obligations other than to myself.Devotion & vulnerability
Devotion & Vulnerability
May 1, 2014-September 1, 2014
The Daily Questions
  • What are my goals for today? What steps can I take to achieve them?
  • What are my goals for the future? What steps can I take to achieve them?
  • How can I be most productive? 
  • How can I improve?
  • Who am I? How can I be the most “me”?
  • How can I help and be of service to others?

  • Realize that I am not perfect. Accept that fact, and improve.
  • Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth. Honesty is the greatest vulnerability.
  • Set small goals daily and list steps to achieve them.
  • Keep a list of major goals for the future and try to take small steps toward achieving them daily.
  • Stay true to who I am. If I ever lose sight of “me”, take the time to refigure everything out.
  • Embrace struggle and discomfort. Know that I can do anything I set my mind to.

September 1, 2014-January 1, 2015

The Daily Questions
  • What are my goals? What steps can I take to accomplish them?
  • What do I feel? Why?
  • Who am I? Do I like who I am? Why? If not, how can I improve?

  • Set goals (both daily and future) and take small steps to accomplish them.
  • Stay in tune with my body. Satisfy my needs. Take care of myself.
  • Be honest and compassionate to myself and others.

I followed it for about a month, and then I completely forgot I ever made it. Only I didn't really forget. Somehow, even without looking at the plan or consciously thinking about it, I followed it exactly. And in 2014, I made The Year of You my best year of improvement so far.

This year, I'm making another plan, following the same template as my Year of You plan. Only this year the plan is The Year of Fearless. I'm channelling my inner Taylor Swift this year and making the most of life. I plan to go after what I want, fearlessly.

I can't wait to see what 2015 has to bring. 

I encourage you to make your own plan. Set your own intentions, and follow through. What do you want this year? How can you get there? Ask yourself questions and allow yourself to answer them  honestly. Make this year the best year for you. :)

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