Listen to the Opinions of Your Friends

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Listen to the Opinions of Your Friends

Sometimes, we just need a little outside perspective from inside our friend group.

I have a lot of trouble letting people in to my thoughts and feelings, but I have even more trouble convincing my closest friends that I’m okay when I’m not. It’s probably safe to say my closest friends know me better than my own mother at this point, and they’re not afraid to call me out when they think something’s up.

However, I’ve never been very good at taking advice from others. I like to think my life is my own. I don’t like people telling me how I should or shouldn’t live my life, and I resent anyone who does so. I’ve been known to do the exact opposite of what I was told for the sheer pleasure of rebellion.

 I lived under the illusion that my own opinion didn’t matter, and therefore was afraid of anyone else having a different opinion. I reacted strongly toward a difference of opinion because ultimately, I didn’t believe in myself enough to respect my own. I didn’t want to admit others had more influence over me than my own mind.

But as I’ve grown, I’ve realized that part of letting people in is accepting and even listening to the opinions of others. My opinion does matter whether anyone else agrees with it or not, but that shouldn’t make someone else’s opinion matter less, especially if that someone is a close friend.

We all make mistakes, and sometimes, the only people who can make us see clearly again are our closest friends. I know mine have saved me from many disastrous perspectives and regrets.

So while we navigate the complicated waters of life, let’s allow our friends to speak their minds. Let’s invite them to rescue us from our own narrow perspective.

And perhaps lead us right to solid ground.

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