Thursday, February 12, 2015

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We don’t have anything without trust.

Relationships are built from it, and destroyed without it. We can all have issues with it in some way, but if we don’t come to terms with our issues, we’ll find ourselves consistently alone and miserable.

We learn our patterns of trust early. If our parents trusted freely, we’re likely to do the same. Ditto for the opposite: if our parents were paranoid and skeptical of others, we’ll likely adopt that habit. Then, as we go through our own experiences with trust in life, our patterns are either reinforced or revolutionised.

But it’s much more likely to be reinforced.

I’ve read that the world is a mirror. Our outer world reflects our inner world. What we believe of the world, we see.

Therefore, when we believe the world is untrustworthy, it typically becomes untrustworthy. We wind up seeing all our doubts come to life.

But what if we believed the world was worthy of trust? What if we put our hearts and negative beliefs on the line, and decided to trust in the goodness of others? What if we chose to revolutionise our patterns of trust?

Trusting blindly is scary, but if we pay attention, we’ll find we’re never really trusting blindly. We already have all the knowledge of the world inside of us. What we choose to believe about it, is what we ultimately choose to see.

So see love. See compassion. See the beauty. The bad will always exist, but it doesn’t have to diminish the goodness.

Trust with the goodness of your heart, and see it reflected back to you.

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