Writing Process

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Writing Process

This is my writing process:

My over-imaginative, and over-thinking brain comes up with a particular, sensory-drenched scene. Typically, this scene comes from one of my dreams, but not always. Several times, this scene has been a memory from a real-life experience. Nevertheless, it’s a scene that swirls around in my brain, playing on an annoying loop until I put it down on the page.

My novels have been born from this method. A single scene in my head explained and described in 60,000+ words. And many novels have not been written in this method too. I found if I write the scene first instead of starting with the entire story, I’ll never write the entire story. The scene that haunts me is the story. Without it, there isn’t much of a drive to write.

Hence why I’m writing about my writing process instead of writing about a particular topic. There aren’t any scenes playing out in my head this morning. At least not any I could share with you here. I haven’t had any recent conversations that contain a lesson I could apply here.

There is only me and my writing process to share with you this morning. But that’s okay.

Until tomorrow…

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