Feminist Friday: Perfectly Imperfect

Friday, March 06, 2015

Feminist Friday: Perfectly Imperfect

You’re perfect.

Every time I hear those words, I cringe a little inside. Not because I don’t think I’m perfect, but because I know there’s no such thing. Nobody and nothing can be perfect.

Girls are taught from a young age what love is supposed to look like. We’re often conditioned to believe in the fairytales. We should fall in love with a guy who tells us we’re perfect the first time he meets us, and swiftly proposes. We should fall in love at first sight, and ignore the getting-to-know you process completely.

But love at first sight isn’t love.

Love requires you to see each other’s faults and imperfections with acceptance. You don’t think your significant other is perfect because nobody can be perfect. However, even with all their flawed humanness, you still find them worth loving.

You can't truly see someone the first time you meet them. Seeing (and knowing) takes time. The process of opening up is a slow one that requires an increasing amount of trust. And as great of a connection we may feel with another person, trust is something that isn’t established fully on the first date.

So let’s stop perpetuating this idea of perfection. Let’s stop using perfect as a compliment. Because it isn’t one. It isn’t a compliment to idealize someone. It’s a compliment to love them and accept them for who they truly are:

perfectly imperfect.

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