Keep a Record

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Keep a Record

Remember your past.

Remember the way your father used to swoop you in his arms whenever you got scared. The way your mother used to cook you pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The way you played hide-and-seek with your siblings for hours, and you always had the best hiding place.

Remember what it felt like to run circles around the playground after lunch. All the games you and your childhood friends would make up, back when your imagination still had enough freedom to run completely unauthorized.

Remember your overwhelming years of middle school. Know that it’s hard for everyone. Remember how everyone was growing, changing, becoming people they would hardly recognize.

Remember high school cliques, and football games, and dressing up for school dances. Remember driving school, and your face on your very first license. Remember how it felt to desire the independence you weren’t quite old enough to have. Remember the late-night fights with your parents about a broken curfew, missed homework assignments, and the way they are totally and completely ruining your life.

Remember your first crush, first kiss, first I love you from someone not obligated to say it. Remember when you felt you were ready to lose your virginity, how prepared you tried to be, how unprepared you wound up being.

Remember your first heartbreak. Remember the best friend who betrayed you. Remember all your regrets, mistakes, and tragedies.

But also remember all the good times, the fun times, the times you felt most alive.

Remember your history. Remember who you are.

Keep a record of yourself. 

Because your record is your story and your story matters.

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