Worth the Risk

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Worth the Risk

There’s a risk to falling in love.

I suppose that’s why it’s called falling. There’s a chance that when you finally hit the ground, it won’t be a soft landing. But for a moment, it’s easy to forget. For a moment, during the free-fall, there’s only the whooshing feeling that comes with falling, and the possibility that someone will be there to catch you before you hit the ground.

But sometimes, nobody is there, and you hit the ground, hard on your own.

The risk is the pain that comes next. The crashing realization it wasn’t meant to be is shattering. The startling impact hurts like hell, and maybe some parts of you have been broken by it.

But all wounds heal with time.

Damage is part of the risk, but that doesn’t mean the risk wasn’t worth it. Falling is the brief reminder of what it’s like to take flight.

So take the leap. Let yourself fall and risk the pain.

It’s worth the risk.

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