Fear or Love?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fear or Love?
A yoga philosophy.

Today is Tuesday.

According to Deepak Chopra’s yoga philosophy, this means that today is the universal Law of Karma. This means it’s a day to reflect on the consequences of our actions. The Law of Karma dictates that every action has a consequence, and that consequence can either be one of fear (negativity and worry) or love (long-term happiness and bliss). What determines the nature of our consequence depends on the nature of our actions. In other words, we get what we give, and therefore we should probably do our best to make sure we give with love in everything we do. How? By answering a single question before we act: am I acting out of love or out of fear?

Of course, answering this question is far from simple. It takes great strength, courage, and vulnerability to be able to acknowledge and accept our own thoughts and feelings. Without that acknowledgement and acceptance, we’ll just convince ourselves everything we do is with love because most of us naturally act with good intentions. Most of us also naturally confuse good intentions with love.

But love is much more than good intentions. Good intentions are just good intentions, most of which, when observed close enough, are a disguise for fear. A friend who lies to spare the expectation of your hurt feelings has good intentions, but when the truth comes out (and since the truth is love and only love prevails, the truth will come out eventually), the hurt that the friend was trying to spare winds up doubled. Not only are you hurt by the disappointment of the truth, but now you are additionally hurt by the disappointment of the lie. But since the lie was given with fear, fear is what was given back. Fear is multiplied.

Obviously, we should strive for the multiplication of love. However, this is often confusing because love and fear tend to look and sometimes even feel the same. The truth is love, but it can also be disappointing. In the long run, of course, the truth given with love saves us from future disappointment. But most of us don’t think about things in the long term. Most of us are only concerned with now. And so we settle for the good-intentioned lie because at the moment, it’s the action that seems to lead to the least amount of disappointment, and we are afraid of disappointment. We’ll deal with the consequences later, but at least we avoided disappointment right now.

All consequences come later, and our actions decide whether they come with love or with fear. And if we all stopped to pause for a moment to consider our actions beforehand, we’d have more consequences come with love. We’d see more love in our lives and less fear. And isn’t that what we all want? Wouldn’t we all rather have love than fear? 

Love or fear?

Love is unconditional acceptance, devoid of expectations. It sees everything for how it naturally is rather than could be or should be. Love is the honest truth, respect, and kindness. It is long-term happiness and everlasting bliss. Love doesn’t want anything because it is already everything. We can feel love in our chest, even when we are losing it.

Fear is the opposite. It is worry and negativity. It is never measuring up, feeling unworthy, the thoughts could and/or should. Fear is wary and anxious and untrusting. It is compassion given with expectations, conditions, the statements of I will love you if or as long as… Fear is the avoidance of truth, a temporary gain that feels like happiness and bliss, but doesn’t last. We often feel it in our “gut.”

Action and consequence. Love or fear?

I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing love.

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