Feminist Friday: This is the Hard Part

Friday, April 24, 2015

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Feminist Friday: This is the Hard Part

The hardest part of self-acceptance is the acceptance.

How desperately we want to cling on to the things that no longer serve us, have only brought us unhappiness and suffering. We fall into patterns, habits, and like every bad habit, we find them hard to break.

Until we make the choice.

And we must make the choice to stop. Stop devaluing ourselves. Stop putting the needs of others above our own simply because we are a parent, or a spouse, or a “good” person. We are not truly giving unless we have learned to give to ourselves.

We must stop the endless cycle of negative thoughts that play on a loop in our heads. All the I’m not good enough’s and hating the image we see in the mirror. We must instead accept that we are human, flawed and still so beautiful, worthy of love and kindness. 

We must treat ourselves like we treat our best of friends because the relationship with ourselves will be the longest we’ll ever have so we might as well learn to love who we are. We might as well learn to accept the beautiful package we are, inside and out.

The hardest part of self-acceptance is the acceptance because we’re afraid of the power within us. It’s so much easier to blame the world for our problems, and our past for our insecurities. It is much harder to accept that we have all the power to change ourselves and our circumstances with our own choices and actions.

But one day at a time, we learn how to accept a little bit more. We start treating ourselves kinder, and as a result, we treat the world a little kinder too. We stick up for ourselves, and start to believe our opinions matter and our voice should be heard. We create an environment we can thrive in filled with people who push us to see the worth in us, and opportunities we can accomplish.

And then, eventually, self-acceptance doesn’t seem so hard anymore.

We made it through the hardest part.

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