Music Monday: Gold Coins

Monday, April 13, 2015

Music Monday: Gold Coins
A fictional interpretation of a song by Charli Xcx

Someday, I’ll be a billionaire.

I’ll live in a house shaped like a castle, made of gold, my kind of fortress. I’ll drive a private jet, have bank accounts in diamond cities overseas, and drink a bottle of the worlds finest champagne every night. 

To top it off, I’ll host parties where gold coins and dollar bills rain down on all my guests.

At least that’s what I dream about.


For most of my life, I’ve lived in shelters.

Just me, my mother, and my little brother. We have to hide from my father. If he finds us, he’ll probably kill us.

At least that’s what my mother says.


Every night I wrap myself in a blanket that smells like mold.

I curl up next to my mother, and listen to her breathing. My brother is asleep on the other side of her, and sometimes he kicks in his sleep. I don’t blame him. He’s only two.

We all share the same small bed with white sheets covered in stains I’ve long since learned not to question. My mother’s answer is always “try not to think about it.”

So I think about being a billionaire instead.

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