Feminist Friday: What Makes a Strong Woman?

Friday, May 01, 2015

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Feminist Friday: What Makes a Strong Woman?


It’s more than a physical attribute. Real strength comes from within, and includes:

  1. Emotion
A strong woman knows how to feel, and she isn’t ashamed of her feelings. She knows that true strength comes from honoring her personal truth, and that includes feeling whatever emotions a moment brings.

2. Compassion
A strong woman knows how to take care of herself, and because of that she is whole. Since only a whole person can truly express compassion to another, a strong woman is a compassionate woman. She gives from her place of wholeness, and shares her kindness and love with the world.

3. Determination
A strong woman doesn’t let the limits set by others stop her from reaching her goals. She pushes forward even when she fails, and she doesn’t let fear hold her back. She takes charge of her own life, and knows that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

4. Honesty.
A strong woman is her honest self. She doesn’t comfort with a lie. She speaks the truth. Always.

5. Acceptance
A strong woman practices acceptance. She doesn’t judge others for what she doesn’t personally understand or agree with. Nor does she harshly judge herself for her mistakes and flaws. She knows that nobody and nothing can be perfect, and life is all a matter of perspective. She chooses to make her perspective an accepting and positive one.

A strong woman will often not be spotted in a crowd. There is nothing physical or external that really gives away her strength except, perhaps, a vibrant energy that can be felt rather than seen while in her presence. 

When a strong woman is present, you’ll know.

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