Letter for a Compassionate Heart

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Letter for a Compassionate Heart

Dear N.,

Every year at the end-of-season soccer banquet, my father makes a joke about how it’s always beneficial to thank your boss. But you are much more than a boss to me. You have become one of my closest and greatest of friends, and I truly admire your compassionate heart.

You are one of the most giving, caring, and thoughtful people I know. Your heart is the strongest I’ve ever seen because even when it’s broken, it’s still filled with love to give. You wear your heart on your sleeve because you know it’s one thing nobody can ever take from you without your permission, and when you find someone worth giving permission, you wouldn’t hesitate to give them your full heart. Even if they break it, you’ll believe it’s worth the risk. When you’re in, you’re all in.

I know you’ve been struggling for a while now, but you haven’t lost your heart. You are fighting to push through the struggle, and I know you will emerge as the most beautiful version of yourself because of it. 

You are a role model for your daughter, and for everyone near you. You are strong, brave, wise, and full of love. You instinctively know when someone is in need, and you immediately step in to help where you can. You won’t rest until everyone you love is safe, sane, and happy, but you don’t forget to give the same care and attention to yourself. You know what is best for you, and you stay true to yourself, even when everyone around you seems to be fighting against you. You’re like the waves on the beach: powerful and unrelenting while also beautiful, peaceful, and filled with the greatest life-changing experiences. 

I’m proud to call you my boss, and even more so to call you my friend. You are absolutely awe-inspiring. I hope you know that. I hope you know just how incredible you are, and how grateful I am to know you. I have grown so much since you have come into my life because you have showed me how to think differently about the world, and given me a safe place to come out of my shell and become the person I was always meant to be: myself. My life is better with you in it, with your compassionate heart to look up to. You have my greatest respect and admiration, and I love you endlessly. I hope your life is forever filled with all the love and happiness you’ve given mine.

With love,


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